Recommended by Drumsense!

Bill Sanders Practice Drum Systems

Bill Sanders practice drum systems are recommended by Drumsense as a great way to practice co-ordination, independence and technique without making a racket!

The BS 715 practice kit (pictured) includes the following features:

  • Five pads: 5", 10" x 2, 11", 12"
  • Steel chrome rims on all pads
  • Black aluminium stands
  • Patented locking system and pad stand stabilisers
  • Interchange pad system
  • Easily adaptable for left-handed players
  • Quiet, lifetime pads
  • Height adjustment
  • Bass drum spurs
  • Universal pad angle
  • Simulates a wide variety of drum kit arrangements

For more details, enquire at your local music store, or contact Bill Sanders direct:

Bill Sanders
Sandrum House
20 Hercies Road
UB10 9NA
United Kingdom

t: 01895 251457