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NAIROBI Alvaro Morata Real Madrid Jersey , Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- The power of television has indeed changed the course of sports, forever. Television determines which sports one should watch and those one should just out rightly ignore.

For every Olympic champion who carves their name, there is another who had to make do with 10 fleeting minutes of television fame. In the same breath Kenya's objective has always been to bring out the best of local sport, big or small.

It was not until the country embarked on the task of fringe sport coverage that it was realized the immense talent held therein.

However, this reservoir remains untapped and over the years Toni Kroos Jersey , Kenya's successes at world events like the Olympics have largely been confined to track events.

Kipchoge Keino, President of the National Olympic Committee-Kenya (NOC-K) has been an advocate for the diversification into other "lesser" disciplines in order to increase Kenya's medal haulage instead of relying only on track events.

"All medals are of the same value. A track gold medal is of the same worth as that of bowling or archery. When the medal table is published all that is indicated is the number of medals won, therefore time is now to branch out to other sports," Keino, Kenya's most celebrated track athlete told Xinhua in Nairobi on Friday.

"It is time we spread into events such as shooting Theo Hernandez Jersey , badminton, tennis, handball and wrestling."

The Olympic Games for example provide a bizarre mixture of major and minor sports, of anonymous amateurs and world-famous professionals.

The focus as ever is on such stars as track and field athletes, swimmers and gymnasts Sergio Ramos Jersey , their exploits scrutinized by packed crowds and a vast global television audience.

Advocates of the "lesser events" argue they always provide more than their fair share of drama, passion, romance and controversy.

Kenya has professional polo players in the paid ranks abroad. Volleyball is packed with constant drama and dynamic athleticism.

Shooting is unlikely to become a big television attraction, although the Kenyan contingent to the UK Bisley was once in the top six nations in the world.

Nobody for instance bets against the Chinese table tennis team. During the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, they not only won all four gold medals in the men and women's singles and doubles Ruben Yanez Jersey , but their second string players also claimed three of the silvers and one bronze.

And who will win at TaeKwondo -- a sport rooted in Korea's ancient martial arts -- if not the Koreans. They have after all been practicing for 2,000 years. Kenyans could learn a thing or two from them.

There is need for Kenyan sports administrators to capitalize on the natural comparative advantage that Kenyans are born sportsmen and women.

What is required is a long-term development program that leads to the production of quality athletes across the board.

No wonder, it is functionality or purposefulness of an accessory that makes it extremely fashionable. One such item is the baby wrapsthat has brought great relief to first-time mothers, for instance. For every such mother, their bundle of joy is the only thing that matters the most. For them Raphael Varane Jersey , their entire world revolves around wellbeing of the little one.

That explains why they mostly refrain to give their new-borns to the care of an outsider like nanny. Yes, at times there is no other option but to do so. Nevertheless, they still prefer trusting and relying on baby wraps.

Because their kids remain attached to their body with such baby carriers, they get more mental peace. Found in different combinations of skin friendly fabrics and with a wider option of attractive colours, it lends them the perfect modern woman outlook. These baby products sometimes serve as a godsend.

For instance Pepe Jersey , there are situations when accommodating a pram or stroller inside a car becomes impossible. This difficulty can be paved away with use of such carriers. They are extremely helpful to parents who are on their holidaying or vacationing trips. For, travelling by holding the kid’s hand is nothing less than a torture.

This is where the snuggly designed baby wraps offers comfort to both mother and baby. Found in several ergonomic designs, they are helpful in balancing weight of the kid in equally proportion. As a result, the parent is less likely to encounter any instance of a strained lower abs or back.

These baby carriers come with assured safe and secured designs. For instance, they come with multiple harnesses Nacho Fernandez Jersey , which take away the fear of encountering a loosening end. Likewise, they have inbuilt designs that covers the bay completely and thus offers true protection. The baby is able to breathe comfortable as the carrier offers enough ventilation.

The best part about baby wraps is that they come with adjustable features. In other words, it gives you the freedom to adjust the baby’s position whenever you wish to. Thus, you can adjust the head so that the baby can have a sound nap. As the baby rests and nurses in your care and warmth of your arms, it does give you enough peace of mind.

These slings facilitate the mother to feed their babies comfortably. Additionally Mateo Kovacic Jersey , it helps to maintain their privacy when the feeding is done in public places. Because they are extremely lightweight and can easily be folded, it offers convenience in carrying while on the move. This is the sole reason why some mothers make it a point to have this accessory with them whenever they go for long trips or vacationing.

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