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'Machine Tools in China' continuing shift in the product mix toward higher-value product types such as machining centers Authentic Paul Martin Jersey , CNC machine tools, and multitasking machine tools will help drive market advances in value terms. Moreover, increasing regulations regarding energy conservation will lead to growth in demand for energy-efficient machine tools.

Shipments to slightly outpace domestic demand
Machine tool shipments in China are projected to slightly outpace demand through 2017, benefiting from sizable expansions in the domestic market as well as rising demand for Chinese machine tools in a number of export markets as the quality of Chinese machine tools continues to improve. Exports of machine tools will rise at a strong annual through 2017, driven by improved product quality, especially in small CNC machine tools, while prices remain competitive. Government policies to subsidize the research and development of high precision, high speed, and relatively more sophisticated machine tools will also support product sales.

China will continue to see its trade deficit in machine tools expand for the foreseeable future. As imports rise through 2017, foreign suppliers will continue to benefit from growing demand for the precise and sophisticated machine tools needed to manufacture advanced machines. In addition, decreases in tariffs on imported machine tools will also drive sales of imported products through 2017.

Metal forming machine tools to be fastest growing
Metal cutting machine tools will continue to be the largest product segment in 2017, benefiting from their relatively wider range of applications in durable goods production and a comparatively greater variety of metal cutting product types. In addition, growing demand for highlyadvanced and comprehensive metal cutting machines -- especially for machining centers and multitasking machines -- will further boost product sales. Growth in demand for metal forming equipment is forecast to slightly outpace that of metal cutting machine tools through 2017, benefiting from strong growth anticipated in the motor vehicle, shipbuilding, aerospace, and power transmission and distribution industries.

Gains in key markets to track average industry pace
The industrial machinery and transportation equipment markets have the largest impact on overall machine tool sales, as they accounted for well over half of all demand in 2012. Gains in these two markets are forecast to be near the market average through 2017. Sustained plans to expand durable goods production, facility renovations, and new product innovation in all markets will continue to stimulate growth. Machine tool demand in the electrical and electronics market is also expected to expand near the average rate through 2017 Authentic Patrick Marleau Jersey , benefiting from strong increases in fixed investment in the home appliance and power generating equipment industries. Machine tool demand in the primary and fabricated metal market will be spurred by continued expenditures in construction projects.

Study coverage
Details on these and other key findings are contained in this Freedonia industry study, Machine Tools in China, available for $5300. It presents historical demand data (2002, 2007, 2012) plus forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by product, market and world geographic region. The study also considers market environment factors, assesses the industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 38 industry participants
Table of contents :


General 4
Economic Overview 5
Recent Economic Performance 6
Economic Outlook 7
Demographic Overview 10
Currency Exchange Rates 13
Manufacturing Overview 16
Gross Fixed Capital Formation Outlook 19
Pricing Patterns 22
Technology 25
NC & CNC Machine Tools 26
Laser, EDM, & Other Advanced Systems 27
Legal & Regulatory Environment 28
The Twelfth Five Year Plan 31
Five-Year Plan Overview 31
Twelfth Five-Year Plan’s Provisions 32
International Environment 34
Foreign Trade 36

Supply & Demand 39
Metal Cutting Machine Tools 42
Lathes, Milling, & Related Machines 45
Lathes 47
Milling Machines 50
Boring Machines 52
Drilling Machines 53
Machining Centers & Related Machines 55
Vertical 59
Horizontal 59
Plano 60
Other 60
Grinding & Related Machines 60
Grinding Machines 62
Sharpening Machines 64
Polishing Machines 66
Multitasking Machines 67
Laser, EDM, & Related Machines 69
Laser Machines 72
EDM 73
Other Special Processing Machines 74
Other Metal Cutting Machines 75
Gear Cutting Machines 76
Shaping & Related Machines 77
All Other Metal Cutting Machines 79
Metal Forming Machine Tools 80
Presses & Other Forging Machines 82
Mechanical Presses 85
Hydraulic Presses 85
Other Forging Machines 86
Bending, Shearing, & Punching Machines 86
Bending Machines 88
Shearing & Punching Machines 90
Other Metal Forming Machine Tools 92
Machine Tool Accessories 94
Cutting Tools 96
Tool Holders & Headings 97
Measuring Tools 97
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