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Athletics Stephen Vogt Jersey

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The Western Cape of South Africa offers a great variety of activities and adventures. If you have never visited this lovely region Athletics Walt Weiss Jersey , you may be surprised at all of the many exciting things there are to plan during your trip.

Whale Watching

One of the most popular activities in the Western Cape is whale watching. The whale season in South Africa runs from July to November, providing the best opportunity to catch sight of these gentle giants. Visitors will find numerous opportunities for whale watching during this time as the whales arrive in the area for mating and to calve in the protected warm waters of the bay areas. The heart of the whale watching region can be found in Hermanus, well known as the best area in the entire country for whale watching. Walker Bay Athletics Trevor Plouffe Jersey , in particular, offers extremely good sighting opportunities. In fact, it is often quite possible to catch sight of the whales just a few feet from the shore. While Walker Bay is one of the premier whale watching locales in the world Athletics Tony Phillips Jersey , the whale route actually stretches all along the Western Cape, touching upon such places as Knysna, Mossel Bay and the coastline of the Tsitsikamma National Park.

Shark Diving

You will find there are a variety of different options for catching site of the Great White sharks that make their home off the coast of South Africa. Perhaps one of the most exciting of these options is the opportunity to take a cage diving trip near Dyer Island. This locale is well known as one of the best shark diving spots in the world. Cage diving trips provide the opportunity to learn more about Great White sharks as well enjoy an up close and personal experience with the Great White sharks Athletics Terry Steinbach Jersey , all from the safety of the diving cage. These excursions provide an excellent opportunity to not only watch the sharks in their native environment but also take fabulous photos as well.

Game Safaris

Game viewing safaris remain of the most popular attractions of the Western Cape and South Africa. Certainly, no trip to the region would be complete without a safari adventure. A number of different game parks are in operation throughout the entire country; however, the oldest Athletics Stephen Vogt Jersey , most well known and largest is without a doubt Krueger National Park. Visitors can take advantage of the opportunity to view the beautiful wildlife that makes their home in the region through guided hikes and overnight trips.

Bungy Jumping

Bungy jumping has become an exciting adventure to be enjoyed around the world. Some of the most exciting opportunities to bungy jump exist on the Western Cape, particularly at Bloukran River Bridge near Storms River in the spectacularly beautiful Garden Route region. This site actually offers the highest commercially operated bungy jumping site in the world, reaching up to an impressive 525 feet. The bridge leading to the jumping site is actually a bit higher; however Athletics Sonny Gray Jersey , a walkway which was specially constructed for the adventure, allows jumpers to reaching the jumping site.
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(From L to R) Han Mingze, Luo Honghao and Lin Hanfei of inline hockey squad of Guangzhou Pui Ching primary school attend a training session in the ice rink in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong province, March 12, 2017. When bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, China aimed to encourage 300 million people in the country to participate in winter sports, including those living in south and west China. In Guangdong, about 400,000 person-times participate in winter sports yearly. Now there are two indoor ice rinks in Guangzhou and 14 in the whole Guangdong province. Eight clubs here teach ice hockey, figure skating and skiing, which have about 60 professional coaches and near 100 part-time coaches. As a province cultivating a lot of superb roller skaters, Guangdong exploits a way to turn these roller skaters become ice skaters. At present, there are about 10 million teenagers under 15 years old in Guangdong, half of whom participate in roller skating. Over 200 primary and middle schools open classes on roller skating. Some of schools are featured in inline hockey squads. Guangzhou's Rollerfun Sports Goods Co., Ltd, the biggest roller skating club and the supplier of skating coaches in Guangdong, cooperate with these schools' inline hockey squads and ice hockey squads by providing coaches and rinks for them. Guangdong also plays a big role in manufacturing the gears of winter sports. For example, China provides 85 percent of the annual production of ice skates in the world and over 80 percent of them come from Guangdong. (XinhuaLiu Dawei)

The War on Drugs has been fought in the sports arena as much as any other, and it has been lost there too. Think of the various mind-altering substances that fans might find necessary to get through yet another Louis van Gaal victory at the Theater of Dreams.

Flippancy aside Athletics Santiago Casilla Jersey , performance-enhancing drugs and their nonperformance enhancing cousins remain an insurmountable problem in sports. Just take a look at recent cases. There's the banning of a couple of Russian runners by the World Anti-Doping Agency that is linked to the International Association of Athletics Federations suspending the Russian federation, which may lead to the country missing the Rio Olympic Games; British rowing has been left listing after a couple of rowers tested positive for banned substances; and you can't miss Arsene Wenger talking about his belief that UEFA accept doping as part of top-level soccer. Even -e-sports is about to start testing -players in the wake of an Adderall -scandal.

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