Tutor Profile: Peter Bertelli


Peter first “ picked up the sticks “ in 1980 and has played in many locations in a wide variety of styles such as Rock, Roots Reggae, Indie, Jazz Funk, Blues, Pop, Soul, Swing and performing in shows such as Midsummer’s Nights Dream. All through the years his enthusiasm for music is still as strong as is his love of seeing someone realise their dream of learning to play the drums.

He has been a Drumsense Tutor since 2004 and received his Drumsense Master Tutor certificate in March 2012. He has a wide range of students from primary school children through to adults from all sorts of backgrounds.

Peter’s students have developed the skills and confidence to play an instrument for the first time with friends, play in front of their school, start their own bands, take GCSE Music, enter competitions, play in jam nights or even make the journey from beginner to Grade 8.

Peter’s approach is the same for all of his students which is that learning the drums should be about playing musically and supportively. Lessons are at the students own pace and mindful of the fact that each student learns differently.

Peter says “For me the Drumsense programme is an invaluable resource to get my students on the road to playing songs in a band and taking Rockschool grades. Through the programme they also develop more advanced techniques and skills to play in a wide range of styles along with the confidence to improvise or evens play solos! ”

Peter can also supplement drum lessons by accompanying on Guitar or Bass as needed as well as using a wide variety of backing tracks – He also runs the Rock & Rhythm Music School which is all about learning the necessary skills and a repertoire of songs to play Drums Bass or Guitar to so students can take part in unique jam days.

Teaching location: Hemel Hempstead


Phone 1: 01442 232613

Phone 2: 07905 493957

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