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Drumsense Training Tracks: Basic Rock 2 Playalong by Colin Woolway

A playalong tune specifically composed to be used for practising Drumsense Basic Rock exercise 2. The song is relatively short, but composed so that it can be played as a loop. The tune is recorded at 5 different tempi to match varying student abi ...

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New product in webshop! 07 Feb 2017
We have just added a new product to our webshop - Off The Record by David Garibaldi. Click here for more details.

Another new Training Track in our webshop! 14 May 2016
Colin has composed another Training Track - this one to accompany shuffle fills in subdivision 6222.

Click here for details.

New product in Webshop! 14 May 2016
We have added a new book from our very own Drumsense tutor Greg Pepper to our webshop.

Following on from the success of his first two books, Greg has now published Step 3 of his series to help teaching drums to the very young, and to those with learning difficulties.

Take a look and order your copy here.

Another new Training Track in our webshop! 07 Apr 2016
Colin has composed another Training Track - this one to accompany exercise 4 on page 13 of Drumsense Volume 2. The trumpet phrasing reflects the snare notes as written on the page.

Click here for details.

New training track in webshop! 31 Mar 2016
We have launched a new training track in our webshop - a shuffle loop for practising the triplet fills on page 27 of Drumsense Vol 1, with opportunities for playing the same fill in a different way at the end of each four bar phrase.

Click here for details.

New Training Track in webshop! 12 Feb 2016
Hot on the heels of the first two, Colin has written another new Jazz loop for the popular Training Track series which are available for only 0.99 each in our webshop.

The track is specifically written for practice of the Jazz onbeat and offbeat exercises in Drumsense Volume 2.

It comes at 4 speeds to suit a wide range of playing ability.

Click here for the new track 3.

Welcome to Drumsense UK!

Drumsense is a drum tuition programme which uses a proven method based on books and playalong material by contemporary players and teachers.

What do you want to do today?

Colin Woolway teaches drums in West Croydon, at the BRIT school, and at Drumbeat in Newport, Wales. Click here for more details.

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Featured Tutor

This week's featured tutor ... 

Steve Burge (UK)

Steve Burge

Steve Burge, a pro session drummer, tutor and clinician who just happens to be blind.

Steve is a passionate endorser of the power of Drumsense used as a teaching tool to enable everyone to have an inclusive approach to playing drums.

Steve has spent considerable time and effort developing his approach to using Drumsense to teach drumming using the power of your ears to maximise using your ears for achieving great dynamics and aural concepts of playing.

Steve has also set up several projects using Drumsense to help disabled musicians overcome the challenges of playings drums including his current project Drumability in collaboration with Beat This based in Peterborough.

Steve has performed alongside several top named drummers including Bobby Arechiga, Robbin Guy, Russel Gilbrook and Drumsense's own Colin Woolway.

Be prepared to be hearing perfect Drum Sense.

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